Cheap price Blackwalf - Gantry Pipe and Plate integrated cutting machine MS-4GB-4012 – Meisar

  1. The whole machine adopts the welded steel plate welded structure. The beam is cut by laser cutting and then welded together. The upper and lower sides of the beam are bent by 90 degrees with the steel plate, which can reduce the deformation and increase the rigidity.
  2. The beam hanging plate is welded with 20mm steel plate, and the whole surface is processed by gantry planer to reduce the deformation of the whole surface and improve the precision.
  3. After the whole machine is welded, firstly, the aging treatment is performed after stress aging, followed by the surface rust removal treatment. After the primer is applied, the surface is painted.

Technical parameter



Overall size


Effective cutting range

3000 x 10000mm

Round tube cutting length


Cutting tube diameter

Φ50-500mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Operating accuracy


Pip bearing weight


Numerical control linkage number

3-axis 2 linkage

Number of supports

4 sets

Tube ellipticity


 Cutting type

tandard: flame + plasma dual-purpose cutting (can be customized)

transfer method

Gear rack drive

Torch lift


Flame cutting thickness

Piercing thickness: 5-60mm Edge cutting thickness: 5-200mm

Plasma cutting thickness

According to the size of the plasma power supply

Gas supprfy requirements

Acetylene / propane gas pressure ≤0.1 MP

Oxygen supply requirements

Oxygen maximum pressure ≤1MP

Cutting table infrastructure

We will provide the gantry cutting table drawing for the user reference (basic equipment and H-beam by the customer to buy)