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1、 MS-6XG series CNC pipe intersecting wire cutting machine is a kind of equipment for automatic calculation and cutting of the joint of steel pipe end.

2、 CNC pipe cutting machine adopts cylindrical coordinate coefficient control, and the number of control axes is 6 axes and 5 linkages. It has Chinese interface, parameter input variable angle groove surface cutting function, pipeline non-roundness and eccentricity compensation function.

3、The numerical control interface of 3/CNC pipe cutting machine is combined with graphics and data. The operation is very simple: the operator only needs to set the parameters such as the radius of the main pipe and the branch pipe, the intersection angle, the cutting speed and so on.

Technical parameter

Model MS-6XG-6 MS-6XG-12
Motor type

Delta ASDA400W-3000W

Chuck size

500-type three-jaw chuck (customizable)

Effective cutting length of steel pipe 6000mm 12000mm
Pipe diamete

Standard Φ40mm-550mm (can be customized large diameter)

Maximum carrying weight 1000KG ≤1200KG
Rated rotational speed

0-15RPM (can be adjusted according to actual needs)

Tube oval


Number of NC linkage axes

6-axis 5 linkage

Operating accuracy

± 0.2mm/m

Groove follow speed


 Groove accuracy


Maximum groove angle


Flame cutting thickness

Perforation ability: 5-60mm Edge cutting: 5-130mm

Cutting table

Tube cutting Taiwan for the one-piece structure, we provide cutting table drawings customers self-processing

Customize informatio

For other sizes, weight, diameter requirements can be customized according to customer requirements

Customer use site

Cutting Sample