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product description Hubei Meisar CNC Technology Co., Ltd. carefully developed and developed a high-precision portable CNC flame / plasma cutting machine, its affordable, easy to use and easy to learn more accurate. Than the original cutting machine processing format larger, thicker cutting thickness. For wider,High strength, durable for a long time Effectively reduce processing costs. Machine covers an area of small, fully effective equipment to play the effectiveness. Features 1, the new special high-strength hard aluminum alloy rails, the whole operation smooth and no noise, with high-speed high-precision and so on. 2, the whole operation is simple, full-featured, with man-machine dialogue and so on. 3, can be achieved CAD file into a working program file, automatic nesting function, through the U disk transmission to the transmission to The system mainframe cuts the metal material arbitrarily. 4, with portable CNC cutting machine function, for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal cutting. 5, with plasma flame plasma dual-use cutting function. 6, with Chinese, English, French, Russian and other languages. 7, the system has automatic power off memory and automatic recovery function. 8, increase the way: electric height and arc pressure automatically increase the two, the flame for the electric increase, the plasma for the arc pressure automatically raised, self-test plate Adjust the change and automatically increase the height of the torch and steel plate, to avoid cutting the gun hit the steel plate to reduce losses. Technical Parameters

Portable CNC flame cutting machine

PortableCNC plasma cutting machine

Model MS-1525HX  MS-1530HX  MS-1560HX  MS-2040HX MS-1525HDX  MS-1530HDX  MS-1560HDX  MS-2040HDX
Arc pressure increase

No arc pressure adjustment device

There is arc height adjustment device

Cutting range (X * Y) 1600*2500  1600*3000  1600*6000  2000*4000 1600*2500 1600*3000  1600*6000  2000*4000

The length of the guide rail (effective cutting length Y axis) can be customized according to customer requirements

Y-axis guide size 3000*293*65 3500*293*65 6500*293*65 4500*293*65 3000*293*65 3500*293*65 6500*293*65 4500*293*65
Motor type

57 # stepper motor

Torch raise type

Electric up

Plasma arc pressure is automatically raised

The number of lifts


nput voltage

Single phase AC-220V

input power

About 220W

Running speed

0-6000mm / min (max 8000mm / min)

Cutting type

Flame / plasma cutting

Drive mode

Gear rack drive

Torch lift


Operating accuracy


 Flame cuttingthickness

Piercing ability:5-60mm edge cutting 5-150mm

Plasma cuttinthickness

Depending on the size of the plasma power supply

Flame ignition device

Standard with no (customizable)

Gas requirements

Acetylene / propane gas pressure ≤ 0.1MP

Oxygen requirements

Oxygen maximum pressure ≤ 1MP

Selection of color

Red, yellow and blue

Cutting table

We provide cutting table drawings for the user reference (material required to purchase their own users)

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